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Songsterr : Products & Services

Songsterr is an archive of guitar, bass and drum tabs. It is collaboratively built and maintained by fellow music lovers. Anyone with Internet access can contribute new tabs and make changes to existing ones. Much like Wikipedia, contributions cannot damage Songsterr because the software allows easy reversal of mistakes and experienced editors are watching to help and ensure that edits are cumulative improvements. lessons

Songsterr is also an online tab player which makes learning tabs easier. It accompanies each tab with a song audio and automatically scrolls through each tab, indicating exactly which note is being played.

Songsterr : Company Background

The company launched its website in July 2008 and is operated from Russia, according to the Free Websiter Report, this website is hosted in Russian Federation. The website deals in providing note of music to play  like a professional musical artist. This website helps users to learn, watch and become a musical player. The contact details are as follows:   

Contact Email:

Songsterr : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Songesterr customers have varied opinions about the products and services offered to them. Few of the customers are not satisfied with the services of the company because they think the site is not working properly on their system. A customers from Amazon does not having any problem with the services and he finds it an excellent app that helps in learning new music technique. Two of the feedback of the customers is as follows:

The music does not sync with the notes on the fire. it does however work flawlessly on an aneroid phone.

 Excellent app for any guitarist! i use this app on a daily basis to speed up learning new material for 3 bands i play in.

Songsterr : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Songster business credibility and trustworthiness: the website is providing satisfaction to many users who are interested in becoming a musical artist. The customers are the key persons that can tell about how trusted the website is and how far the services provided by the site are helping them. You can see that the  reputation of this company is great and accepted by its customers. But the website has no accreditation from the BBB as yet.

Songsterr : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Songsterr website popularity and Google ranking are as follows:

  • Alexa Rank to the Songsterr website is 14,243 among the 30 million domains in the world
  • The website also has a Page Rank, i.e. 4 out of 10
  • The website estimated worth and advertising revenue is $169136 and this website generates $232 daily from ads.
  • The website popularity score is 3 out of 5
Songsterr : Social Media Presence

Songsterr has a great coverage in social media and is very active on their pages such as Facebook and Twitter. The estimated likes on the Facebook page are 170635 and 7924 followers on Twitter. Songsterr also has a blog, but it was updated in July 2011. They have seen that a lot of activity in the social medias can be very good for business and so they have taken the rout of great promotion on those sites.

Songsterr : Website Security & Safety

Songsterr is safe and secured website. The website uses different security measure to prevent the users’ information such as credit card details from all types of theft and frauds that are possible in an online financial transaction. According to the Google safe browsing diagnostic tool, it has tested and verified that the website is safe from all sorts of Malware and viruses. For more details related to the security of the website, read privacy page of Songsterr.

Songsterr : Pricing & Packages

Songsterr Pricing and Plans are as follows:

  • There is a free plan that allows you to get access to all the tabs and player features such as playback, mixer, and solo and count in.
  • The website has a plus plan that cost $9.90 monthly. This plan unlocks player features such as print, half, speed, tuner and a lot more.

You can also avail of a one time payment if you are not interested in paying charges on a monthly basis. The charges are as follows:

  • $29 for 3 months
  • $55 for 6 months
  • $99 for 12 months

Tab player apps for iOS and Androids will cost you $9.99 for IOS and $1.99 on Guitar app and $2.99 for Android app and ultimate guitar app will cost you $1.99. 

Songsterr : Shipping Rates & Policies

There are no shipping rates and policies of Songsterr because it is an online service-provider

Songsterr : Payment Methods Accepted

The payment methods accepted by Songsterr is basically credit cards only. The types of credit cards accepted by the website are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Songsterr does not accept the PayPal method of payment.  The company only accepts online payment so they do not allow any order over phone or P.O. invoice. The detailed information is available on the website.

Songsterr : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

This website  provides services on monthly paying basis and provides apps that cost from $1.99 to $9.99, but there are no policy of return or refund available on Songsterr. If there are any extra charges applied to your credit card ,it will be refunded as quickly as possible. They also do not  offer exchange of any of their products.

Songsterr : Product images & screenshots
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